25 Days of Blogging: Day 5

Are all people with faith judgmental, niece, jerks?

I consider myself a Christian, grew up in a conservative house, and live a life based on Biblical principles.

But just because I have faith that doesn’t mean that I have any right to judge those who don’t. I have been seriously bothered by the characters playing Christians in entertainment this past week.

One episode of The Office has a group of naive over excited college age kids heading out to a missions work trip while the other members of the church bitch and moan about there not being enough food at the baby dedication.

In the movie Easy A a school click of Christians say things and act as though they are better than others, that pity should be placed on anyone who doesn’t have faith.

Last time I checked Jesus wasn’t all about making people feel shitty and judged all the time.

I’m just saying that for people like me there is another side to who we are and how we live amongst other people. Not all of us walk around all day thinking we have all the answers, thinking we’re better than everyone, or even trying to sway you all to think the way we do.

There are people like me who have a strong faith and a love for others just the way they are.

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  • John Mitchell says:

    Judge not lest ye be judged. We are often quick to judge and eager to be offended. Many who spew Christianity don’t abide by the teachings of our faith and make a bad name for us Christians who try hard to live the way we espouse. Nice post, my friend.

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