25 Days of Blogging: Day 13

Often I have gone to sleep at night having watched the news about some fire where firefighters were transported to the hospital because of injuries. I know that this can be as simple as some smoke inhalation or as severe as a 3rd degree burn. Personally, I have only gotten a call once for my own husband being injured. He was on a call with a lady (let’s say a very very big boned lady) when he pulled out his back lifting the cot. Needless to say, he was down and out for about 4 days in pain and could barely walk. This little experience was an eye opener to me on how fast a strong fireman can be injured from a stupid mistake. I wanted to share a few different stories that illustrate just this….

The view from Amtrak Train 353 as it collides with Detroit FD’s Ladder 13. The video is not graphic (pre se) and no firefighters died in the incident.


This is amazing to think that due to mis-communication this truck was park on the tracks and hit be a train. Thank GOD these men were all ok.

Next…..now time for the just weird things are men encounter….
This poor guy sucked down a frigging cat!!!! I worry about my guy inhaling chemicals, smoke, and toxins, but never cats.

Now the truly miraculous….Link
“On March 22nd Ridgefield Professional Firefighters delivered a baby boy in the back of the ambulance. Medic2 and Engine 1 were dispatched to the Branchville Railroad Station on a report of a woman in labor. During their transport to Norwalk Hospital the baby was delivered by Firefighter Chris Sanders and Firefighter Ryan Eckhoff. First responders from the Georgetown Fire Department also assisted during the delivery and transport. The baby was delivered without complication and the newly expanded family was transported to Norwalk Hospital.”

As a firefighter wife we have to be ready for any call. I have thought about this more then once. When my husband started his full-time career he was asked what other firefighter would I want to show up at the house (besides the chief) to give me the news if he died in the line of duty. Have other wives thought of this? Who would you want? Does it even really matter? Those were all things that went through my head, but the reality is that this could happen and I needed to make a choice about who I wanted there with me.

I would be interested in comment from others who have experienced the good, the bad, and the weird in their time as a firefighter or as a firefighter’s wife….till next time.

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