What do Ff Wives do during Blizzards and Hubbies Working?

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I found the below article and it just cracked me up at all the suggestions for what parents should be doing during their kids snow days.

Please add in the comments below what “fun” things you end up doing on snow days.

Grown-ups can make use of a snow day, too

By LEANNE ITALIE The Associated Press

Another day, another blizzard. Here are 50 ways to spend a snow day if youíre a grown-up stuck home from work.

1. Make an abominable snowman. Itís like a regular snowman, but less friendly to passers-by.

2. Practice math and script with your kids. Thatíll put them in a REALLY good mood. For older kids, break out the practice tests.

3. Delete all of the expletive-laden ďmusicĒ from your teenagerís Napster playlist on the family computer, while sheís not looking.

4. Make snow ice cream, slushies or Ďtinis. Harvest icicles for the latter.

5. Put on your fanciest evening dress and jewelry, grab your cocktail and pretend youíre in an old movie. That sounds a lot better than, ďSit around your apartment and get wasted.Ē

6. Fill squirt bottles with water and food coloring and make art on the snow. Let your dog help out.

7. Trudge around town for a store that hasnít sold out on sleds.

8. Wash the floors by hand. Or use a toothbrush.

9. Do that mending and ironing youíve been putting off since 2004.

10. Groom the dog. Then suck all the fur off your couch.

11. Make freeze-ahead dinners. The ones you wish you had right now.

12. Go driveway luging.

13. Get kids the Lilí Capt. Robert Scott Antarctic Expedition playset.

14. Shovel through piles of climate change theories.

15. Shred your pile of old documents. Better yet, multitask. Use them to light up the fireplace.

16. Change the batteries in the smoke detectors, because you forgot during Fall Back.

17. Find all the lids to the Tupperware.

18. Play Monopoly with the rules that make the game go slower.

19. Go through your junk drawer. Do not be afraid.

20. Clean your silverware and jewelry. Alternatively, pine for silverware and jewelry worth cleaning.

21. Sort mementos into keep and toss piles. Spend time poring over the keepers Ė after all, thatís why youíre keeping them.

22. Make a master calendar for gift-giving dates. Shop ahead online. Or for yourself. Pretend there are sales.

23. Invite over neighbors you rarely see for a potluck dinner.

24. Make a list of all the things you love about your valentine for a card or scrapbook. Make stuff up if you have to.

25. Actually use those cross-country skis, or skates or showshoes you were always planning to try out after a big snow. Címon, you can do it!

26. Do your taxes! April 15 only feels far off.

27. Scan old photos and make a photo book. Then force the kids to look at pictures of their parents when they were little.

28. Chug a shot and break open your financial portfolio.

29. Order seeds and plants for your spring garden. Yes, spring will come eventually.

30. Update your resume. Hey, itís better than doing it at work and leaving it in the copying machine.

31. Go through clothes in drawers and closet. Try on and toss.

32. Upload your CDs, finally. Now, this may be difficult: Toss the CDs and the CD player.

33. Take out all the beach chairs, umbrellas and boogie boards and make a beach day in the snow.

34. Collect all the pennies from the corners of the house, coat pockets, sofa cushions, jeans in the laundry. Maybe youíll have enough for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Then again, maybe not.

35. Google yourself.

36. Write a letter. You know the kind Ė with pen and paper.

37. Make snowflakes out of paper. Tape them to your windows to block out the white piles outside.

38. Teach haiku Ė five, seven, five Ė and make a book of illustrated snow haiku.

39. Create air fare alerts for deals to your dream destinations.

40. Play this fun game with your kids: Letís Clean the Bathroom!

41. You know that neighbor who wonít stop blasting music? Thatís where your shoveled snow goes.

42.† Mani-pedi, scrub or mask, deep condition. You choose the body parts.

43. Play family-friendly spin the bottle with your chore list. Hope it doesnít point to you when itís time to clean toilets.

44. Bubble bath. Turn down the lights, light a candle and pretend youíre in a spa. Doesnít do it for you? Itís not completely impossible that a real one is open.

45. Begin your memoirs.

46. Take pictures of all your belongings to inventory for insurance. Now do a written inventory.

47. Sleep. If that doesnít work, make some nookie!

48. Send hate mail to your friends and relatives in warm-weather places. Or block them on Facebook.

49. Look at Florida real estate online, so you never have to read this again.

50. Experiment all day on devising the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. Tasting mandatory.

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