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EMS/Fire Need to Know: Autism Conference

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In response to an emergency, EMS workers are often the first people at the scene. As they attend to the person or people involved in the crisis, they may not be aware that the individual has an autism spectrum disorder.

25 Days of Blogging: Day 2

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I am feeling extremely frustrated today. I work at a job that is pretty insignificant, if you can image a really life Office Space that would be where I work. I had a co-worker accuse my of steeling Tylenol of another co-workers desk because apparently they didn’t hear me ask via im to have some. […]

FireEMSBlogger Needs Your Support

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Please read this information orginally posted on concerning fellow fireems blogger Matt McDowell.

FireEMSBloggers On Twitter

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Shari Simpson

Novelty Lighters Prohibition Act
Might want to look at ammending the law to including uses of lighting grills/stoves. Arkansas passed a law -n 07, and just got through having to pass another version to include gas grills
2013-02-24 18:20:00
Maltese Cross Social Media Icons
Can you make Maltese Cross icons for Vimeo, and youtube, please?
2012-01-18 10:47:00
steve @ Freedoor
10 Child Fire Safety Tips
It's incredibly important to build up a solid base of knowledge for kids that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Ok, fires aren't happening all around us all the time, but it's so important for them to know what to do in that kind of emergency situation. Great set of…
2012-01-13 10:02:00
Soft Chewable Super P force
Angry Birds: Halloween
Tim Larson, a Connecticut state lawmaker, has proposed to make Halloween on the last Saturday of October instead of on October 31. This may seem unheard of, ...
2011-11-28 09:46:00
Fallen Axes Run
I recommend Cops Inc. as a resource for fire equipment.
2011-05-06 18:15:00