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Spread the Love: Corey Shaw Public Safety Memorial

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Join Matrix, Shear Attitude and friends as we pay tribute to the area’s fallen heros and raise money for a public safety memorial in memory of Corey Shaw.      

Female Firefighter Cover Girl Competition

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  12 female firefighters are competing to be the cover girl for a charity calendar in New Zealand that benefits The Child Cancer Foundation. Check out the story here:   And vote for your favorite girl here: It's a great cause and we're sure they'd love your support!  

Real Housewives – Firefighters Edition

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TWMedia Group is a reality programming company looking for families that are fun, quirky and not afraid of the spotlight. Forgot those bougie “Real Housewives” they want to give the world a whole new show and we are seeking Firefighter Wives or girlfriends that would be interested.

Monitoring Your Child’s Online Safety

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Protect your KidsMore resources from my post yesterday – Cyber Bullies - Reposted from  

4 Effective Tools for Monitoring Your Child’s Online Safety.

25 Days of Blogging: Day 6

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Cyber BullyThey have a MAC, they each have an iPod, they play online social games like Farmville and Pet Pet Park, one of them has a  Facebook page and they know how to use email.  Even my 5yr old has his own email address to stay connected with Grandma across the U.S. Yet, they know nothing about the rise of online cyber bullying. If you haven’t read anything about how to protect your kids from cyber bullying then this is worth your time.

25 Days of Blogging: Day 3

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Have you changed your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character yet?  I have.  There is a simple message circulating around Facebook that says, “Until Monday (Dec. 6), there should be no human faces on Facebook but an invasion of memories. This is for eliminating violence against children.”

So here is the debate ~ are these “campaigns” a slap in the face to theses causes or a move in the right direction?

Review: Leo The Fire Within

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LeoFireShop ApparelI cannot let Rhett over at take all the lime light in raving about Leo products.  My friends over at Leo Fire Shop sent  me this shirt just this last week. It’s their newest design.  You can get the original and the newest edition for $34.99.  Head on over there and get a shirt now.  My non-firefighter friends have said nothing but great things on how cool this shirt is.

Free Fire Engineering iPhone App Now Available

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Fire Engineering iPhone App

Fire Engineering is pleased to offer the industry’s first comprehensive fire service training and firefighting information application for the iPhone.

Maltese Cross Social Media Icons

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Maltese Cross Social Media Icon Set