10 Child Fire Safety Tips

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Fire safety is a topic that is too lightly covered, imho. The schools do fire drills and some schools will have firefighters come in and talk about safety but not enough is being done to teach kids what to do in a real emergency. Here are some great ideas for promoting fire safety with children:

What do Ff Wives do during Blizzards and Hubbies Working?

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I found the below article and it just cracked me up at all the suggestions for what parents should be doing during their kids snow days.

Chicago storm could be bigger than the blizzard of ‘67

Husband is scheduled to work on Wednesday during the worst of it.

They will not be forgotten

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If you haven’t changed your Facebook profile image feel free to use the one below….

This Wife Prays for Chicago’s Loss

I have been watching the breaking news just after my husband called and woke me up.  Chicago firefighters were trapped in a collapsed building from an am fire.  They were frantically searching for their brothers.

25 Days of Blogging: Day 14

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Have you heard of Volunteers: The Series?

If not let me introduce you to my good friend Travis Boaz and his adventure in creating a television series dedicated to the volunteer fire service.

25 Days of Blogging: Day 13

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Fire apparatus hit by a train, baby delivered in ambulance, and firefighter inhales kitten…just the day in the life of a firefighter.

25 Days of Blogging: Day 9

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I wish I was more educated on the topic of pension reform but the more I look into it the more I just get irritated.  Firefighters and Police Officers exist not for the everyday but for the “what if.”  Yet, we need to compensate them for the everyday because we never know when that “what […]

25 Days of Blogging: Day 8

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No motivation today.  7am mtg followed by 9 hours of staring at one Excel sheet. All I could muster for tonights post was a picture. Sharing a bit about who I am so if this gives it away please keep to yourself. Enjoy

25 Days of Blogging: Day 7

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Ash and Dreams puts on the Holiday Theme….

Feeling festive tonight so just a simple post on some resources to make your blog festive.

10 Free Holiday Icon Sets to Give Your Site a Wintery Makeover: Winter and holiday themed icons and vectors that will help you spread some cheer online or give your site a cool seasonal makeover

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